The financial and medical risks of travelling without proper coverage are simply too great.

Solution? Medipac Travel Insurance

  • Our in-house medical team helped design our application and policy to ensure our policy is comprehensive and relevant.
  • Our personalized medical underwriting department has helped thousands of clients travel with proper coverage, even though they had a pre-existing or other medical conditions.
  • Our medical team often helps with the application process and, more importantly, with medical emergencies over our dedicated emergency assistance lines.

What about the CLAIMS?

Medipac. From application to assistance.TM 
We truly specialize in Travel Insurance.

Medipac Travel Insurance is underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada. In Quebec, underwritten by Reliable Life Insurance Company.

The truth about travel insurance

It is highly recommended that clients review all medical questionnaires with their own physicians to ensure accurate responses are provided.

What about the APPLICATION?

Most travel insurance applications require that you answer a series of medical questions to determine your medical condition, which in turn will determine the price. More importantly, in the worst case scenario your answers may determine coverage.

Any company offering travel insurance MUST have the medical knowledge necessary to fully understand the medical questions on the application and the medical conditions and emergencies covered by the policy. This usually requires medically train employees, i.e. nurses, paramedics, doctors.

Where a client answers YES to having a medical condition that makes that client ineligible for coverage, the company should have the capability to provide an in-house solution that helps the client travel with proper coverage. Otherwise your time is wasted by dealing with a company that simply cannot offer a solution to your condition.