Medipac Travel Insurance is underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada. In Quebec, underwritten by Reliable Life Insurance Company.

The truth about travel insurance

SO what's the solution to ALL of this?!  MEDIPAC TRAVEL INSURANCE.

At Medipac, we staff our own medical professionals and designed our own insurance policy to provide proper coverage relevant to those medical conditions and emergencies covered by our travel insurance policy.  Our policy covers most stable and controlled medical conditions, regardless of age. And unlike many others, we send our travel insurance guide (which includes our policy) to all of our clients prior to each travel season - before they purchase.

Medipac clients are informed buyers; this is why Medipac is the largest provider of travel medical insurance to Canada's most experienced travellers.**

For those few people who are NOT eligible for coverage under our policy, or have a pre-existing condition which has NOT been stable, our unique, personalized medical underwriting department may be able to help. Our medical professionals will review your medical history.

As to what happens after you buy Medipac and what happens during a medical emergency:

  • We process all applications and issue all policies in-house.
  • We manage all claims and pay medical providers directly, wherever possible.
  • We provide direct access to our own dedicated emergency medical assistance lines.
  • We staff our own medical professionals who are there for you from application to assistance - Medipac Assist

**Medipac Travel Insurance is the ONLY plan recommended by the Canadian Snowbird Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.

What about the CLAIMS?
The real TRUTH ABOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE is that once your applications and premiums are collected, in most cases, your file will be shipped off to a third-party for processing, another for claims management and yet another for emergency assistance.

These critical functions are being outsourced to other companies over which you have no control OR relationship.