Medipac Travel Insurance is underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada. In Quebec, underwritten by Reliable Life Insurance Company.

The truth about travel insurance is that Canadians need to better understand:

  • what we are buying,
  • who we are buying from,
  • what happens after we buy a policy, and
  • what happens in a medical emergency

After all, the primary reason why we buy travel insurance is to cover unexpected medical emergencies.

The following is a MUST READ for anyone considering a Travel Insurance Plan. We address the Policy, Application and the Claims process.

For example, there are some policies out there that would consider taking medication as treatment of a medical condition, and that any medical treatments are deemed pre-existing conditions. Meaning NO COVERAGE! This is why it is extremely important that you read the policy before you purchase.

Travel insurance may be the most important purchase you make this year. Don't be pressured into buying a policy; take your time!

Many companies offer a "FREE 10-day look" after you buy, this just adds to the pressure and confusion. Look for a company that proactively provides a copy of their policy up front so that you can make an informed decision before you purchase.

So what should you look for in a policy? Comprehensive benefits that cover most stable and controlled medical conditions, regardless of age. BUT, always read the definition of a “Pre-Existing Condition”, and make sure you are compliant with that and other conditions before you travel.

Many Canadians travel with pre-existing conditions without even knowing it. The biggest unsuspecting culprit here is a change in medication, even if it’s a reduction! Look for a company that has in-house medical employees that can evaluate your change in health or medication and that can offer you a solution so that you can continue with your travel plans with proper coverage.

Solution? Medipac Travel Insurance.

  • We offer only one comprehensive travel insurance policy – our own.
  • Our in-house medical professionals helped design our policy and application.
  • Our policy covers most stable and controlled medical conditions, regardless of age.
  • We send our policy to all clients each year before the travel season, before they travel.

Medipac clients are informed travellers; that’s why Medipac is recommended by the Canadian Snowbird Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.

 When you buy Medipac you're in good company!

Let's start with the POLICY
Some companies claim to specialize in travel insurance simply by offering a maze of several different policies, each with a different price. Some of the cheaper ones, of course, will have coverage appropriate for the price (ie. limited coverage and services). Maybe even some of the expensive ones will have limited coverage, too!

The truth about travel insurance